As football continues to be explained as baseball, we continue to be pail-fed misinformation we’re supposed to swallow as knowledge.

MSG analyst Joe Micheletti over a replay: “I mentioned that he’d been out there for an extended shift. He’s 74; he can hardly skate.” Yikes!

Oh, Carolina’s Jaccob Slavin. He wears No. 74. And he’s only 22.

Stanley Wilson was a muscular, 5-foot-10 running back from Los Angeles, recruited to Oklahoma, where he scored seven TDs his senior season. He was a straight-ahead banger and dipper — he now would be classified “a downhill runner” — who could plow for first downs and touchdowns, catch passes in the flats and throw powerful blocks.

He played for the Bengals in his rookie and second seasons, 1983 and 1984, but then lost the entire 1985 season to a cocaine suspension. Returned in 1986, he lost his entire 1987 season, again, to cocaine.

The Titans snatched Western Kentucky wideout Taywan Taylor with their third-round pick in the 2017 draft, and it has become clear throughout the preseason they have plans for him with their first-team offense.

As my father often said about successful child-raising: “There’s a lot to be said for neglect.” As for the NFL, neglect is still causing serious growing pains in a child now 31 years old.

Last Sunday the totally unintended use/misuse of replay rules — its overwhelming use from its start has been totally unintended — made an NFL-asked-for-it mess of the Patriots-Jets game, determining its outcome after a long delay led to startling word that the Jets not only hadn’t scored a TD, the ball belonged to the Pats via a touchback.

That was a big story through Monday, as it should have been. Then, all gone!

9. Roger Goodell, commissioner, NFL (2): This is the 10th anniversary of his reign, but Goodell has kept a conspicuously low profile this offseason — no doubt because of the lingering fallout from the Deflategate saga. The league has been on a winning streak in court recently, but Goodell isn’t taking any victory laps.bills_014

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