The Patriots entered their divisional playoff game against the Titans as 20-point favorites.

With the Jaguars leading 14-0 and the first-quarter clock winding down, the Steelers had a chance to shift momentum with a score, as they had driven deep into Jacksonville territory. But on a fourth-and-1 from the 21-yard, an ambitious pitch to Bell was stuffed.

Eleven plays later, the Jaguars were in the end zone again. 21-0.

In the video game world, that means “pass the sticks.” In the NFL playoffs, it was a wake-up call not only to the Jaguars’ opponent Sunday, but also to the team it will face in seven days.

They also were dealing with the cloud that was a damning ESPN report regarding friction between Brady, head coach Bill Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft.

Landry missed four games during the 2017 season due to injury and failed to come close to matching the awesome production from his All-American junior campaign (16.5 sacks among 22 tackles for loss). Scouts would love to see him healthy during Senior Bowl week, facing top-notch competition and displaying the burst and relentless nature they saw in 2016. In addition to wreaking havoc in the backfield, Landry might be asked to play as an outside linebacker to see how he handles movement in space. Showing explosiveness and scheme-versatility could put him back into the discussion for the top 10 picks.

In this week’s bracket it was still possible to prevent any SEC teams from meeting before the regional finals, but that might not continue to be the case if the six maintain their spots.

Carr: Whether Coughlin’s a head coach or the executive vice president of football operations, he has his hand in everything. Most coaches or executives just expect their players to professionally do their jobs. Yet, during his coaching days, Coughlin — who always let his coordinators and assistants game plan and coach up players, regardless of their coaching title — often times went around to talk with individual players, showing them weaknesses in their game and demanding the most out of them. He, like Belichick, doesn’t care if you’re an Eli Manning or a Tom Brady.

From what I’ve seen, a lot of coaches aren’t willing to do a lot of things Coughlin and Belichick carry out at the NFL level. Many are afraid of coaching players hard. I know Belichick isn’t afraid to push the best quarterback in NFL history, and that’s exactly how Coughlin is.cowboys_073