Saints DT Tony McDaniel was told his wife was in labor mid-game, but it turned out to be the stomach flu

Erin Andrews delivered arguably the best sideline report that we’ve ever gotten during an NFL postseason game.

As opposed to the typical things that you might hear on what a coach wants to do in one of the three phases of the game, we learned that Tony McDaniel’s wife went into labor. Sean Payton specifically wanted to know what Andrews thought on whether or not to tell him:

Kamara’s life is structured. He sticks to the same regimen every weekend. “There’s no exceptions,” he says, noting that he is a bit OCD as he gets up to sweep a speck of dust that he spotted in his immaculately clean kitchen and then rearrange the slightly askew pillows on his couch. “The angles and s— is very particular in here,” he says.

His routine is long and exacting. The highlights: He has two chocolate chip cookies on Saturday night, but throws away the last bite of the first one. He sleeps on the bed furthest from the door in his hotel room and places his shoes on the very bottom of the other bed, so he can’t see them when he lies down. He balls up his schedule before he leaves his hotel room on Sunday morning and shoots it into the trashcan. Then he takes a cup, not a bowl, and places two spoonfuls of oatmeal and a touch of brown sugar into it and eats it all; then he pours a glass of water and drinks only some.

All of that has allowed Kamara to remain himself in the midst of sudden fame. He knows who he is and is comfortable being that person, refusing to conform to someone else’s vision of what a star football player should be. He is an eccentric, a bit odd and unconventional, and he hasn’t changed, even when everything else around him has.

An offensive pass interference penalty by Kelvin Benjamin on first down set the Bills back to the 11-yard line.

Taylor then threw incomplete passes on second and third down, lining up Steven Hauschka for a 31-yard field goal, which he made to put the first points of the game on the board:

The drive — which took 8:06 of game time — was the longest allowed by the Jaguars in terms of time all season. It went for 18 plays and 71 yards — and the Jaguars were still able to hold them to a field goal after appearing to shoot themselves in the foot.

Even as he learned, Burns found himself lonely. His mother had died of a heart attack six months earlier; his father was in prison on a 25-year cocaine-trafficking conviction. Artie vowed to take care of his two teenage brothers, 16-year-old Thomas and 13-year-old Jordan, but he had to leave them with relatives back in the Liberty City section of Miami, settling for FaceTime check-ins every night.

Darnold will be a polarizing prospect in the upcoming draft. At 6’4 and 220 pounds, he has ideal size for an NFL quarterback and is a great improviser, making impressive throws on the scramble. But his sample size is relatively small, and he’s prone to back-breaking mistakes in crucial situations. Still, he’ll likely test well at the NFL Combine and figures to be one of the first quarterbacks off the board when all is said and done.giants_133

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