Jabari Parker set to make season debut Friday vs. Knicks

Bucks forward Jabari Parker announced Monday that he will make his season debut Friday against the Knicks.

Currently seventh in the Eastern Conference standings, Milwaukee is trying to reach the postseason again after earning the six seed last season. While Parker may be brought back slowly, he should provide a lift for the Bucks.

There’s still more that Gordon must tackle to master his new position, as evidenced by some items on his spring to-do list. He’ll spend his time working on his throwing motion to generate more spin off his fingertips to get greater carry with more accuracy, staying on top of situations to have an idea of where he needs to throw the ball before it’s hit to him, communicating with his fellow outfielders (a group that now includes Ichiro Suzuki), backing up second base in the event of errant throws and learning to read situations so he can change his depth and position in the middle of counts to gain precious extra steps.

“We talked about it, so I think that needs to happen,” Thomas said, via ESPN. “My minutes just can’t be with LeBron at all times. We got to play to our strengths. Just like Chris Paul and James Harden, they don’t play together at all times.

“We got to play to our strengths. Kyrie (Irving) last year, they didn’t play together at all times. So (Lue is) figuring it out, and we’re figuring it out as a unit, how to use our strengths, and at the same time, we know for the most part we start games together, finish games together, and we go from there. So it’s a learning process, and we’re still learning each other. I’m still learning this team, and Ty Lue is still learning how to use me and use me to the best of my ability.”

After a huge midseason slump, Lue admitted last week that he needed to shake up the starting lineup to see if that would help. He ended up benching Jae Crowder, put Tristan Thompson in at center and moved Kevin Love to power forward for Friday’s home game against the Pacers.lions_082

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