Derek Carr’s fantasy managers had some hope that things were getting better for him of late.

Taurean Prince, Atlanta Hawks (30.3): The wing position is decidedly shallow past the starting tier, which means the market should appreciate a productive player such as Prince, who ranks 14th among small forwards on the Player Rater over the past two weeks.

Marcus Morris, Boston Celtics (34.0): What Morris has lost in minutes and touches in transitioning from Detroit to Boston, he’s countering with a rewarding spike in scoring efficiency. The savvy ball movement in Boston facilitates higher-percentage offensive opportunities for key rotation contributors such as Morris.

Derek Carr’s fantasy managers had some hope that things were getting better for him of late. He came into the Week 11 contest against the New England Patriots having thrown for 300 or more yards in three straight games and was only a couple of games removed from having posted 30.2 points against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 7.

Unfortunately, Carr didn’t build on that performance, as he averaged only 13.1 points in the two contests that followed the Chiefs’ matchup.

Back to the scene of the crime: Some 13 months ago, on the same field, these teams played a 6-6 tie that made fans question what was wrong with the quality of play in this league. Good thing, then, that the home team is playing its backup quarterback in Drew Stanton, and the visitor just got held to one touchdown and missed three field goals in a loss to Washington. It’s fair to wonder whether the Cardinals running Adrian Peterson 37 times, as if he’s in his early 20s again, is an ideal offensive strategy. (For them, it might be.)

The Falcons force a three-and-out as Doug Baldwin drops a pass on third down. Seattle challenges the call but the ruling on the field is upheld and the Seahawks punt for the first time with 8:57 to play.

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